The Work

Vulcan Park Foundation

The largest cast-iron statue in the world, Vulcan, symbolizes Birmingham’s fast growth in the steel industry. When weather began to deteriorate the “God of the Forge” in 1999, Kinetic hammered out a website to help tell Vulcan’s story and raise public awareness about the restoration efforts. Now on version 3, the site focuses on supporting the park’s operations and helping visitors plan their trips.

The Vulcan Park website features extensive information about the park and its facilities, how to become a member, and upcoming activities and educational workshops. To keep the site fun and kid-friendly, we added Flash animation and sound effects. Make sure the kids get enough iron by visiting Vulcan. But before you do, check out the website. It’s as sharp as a hand-forged spear honed by a Roman God, in our humble opinions.

Visit the Vulcan Park website