The Work

Case Study: University of Alabama

University of Alabama‚Äôs College of Continuing Studies reached out to us with a unique need. They wanted a new website design that would not only help unite all of their divisions under one consistent “umbrella,” but also provide enough flexibility so that each could work within their own layout. Speaking of flexibility, Kinetic worked with their existing 3rd party CMS vendor, OU Campus, when it was time to integrate the new designs into the content management system. These custom templates can be used interchangeably as needed, while maintaining the overall feel of the College of Continuing Studies and University of Alabama brands.


Education is a lifelong process, and the College of Continuing Studies wanted designs that would speak to a lot of different audiences in varying stages of their educational process. And since Alabama requires complete ADA compliance, we made sure to follow those rules to the letter. On top of all that, all the templates are fully responsive so visitors can get the optimal experience no matter what device they’re using.

Visit the College of Continuing Studies website
Visit the Degrees and Academics website
Visit the Training and Development website
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