The Work


Smile-A-Mile started almost 30 years ago as a summer camp for Alabama children with cancer. Since its start, Smile-A-Mile has grown immensely, transforming from just a summer camp to a year-round program that serves children in a variety of different aspects. When Smile-A-Mile wanted to show the diversities of programs they now offer apart from a camp, they turned to Kinetic for help.

We chose to use their newly formed branded materials as the base of the website, drawing inspiration for the colors, the layout, and the graphic elements that make the responsive website really come alive. Smile-A-Mile needed help organizing their large amount of materials and imagery. In response, we developed a website that would continue to evolve with them while still demonstrating their commitment to their classic summer program. An Instagram feed in the sidebar of all subpages gives the perfect platform for showing imagery and engage with the larger community.

We emphasized their facility and an ever revolving series of featured programs on the homepage and in the menu, so that visitors and residents of Birmingham would know there would always be a place that cares. Check it out!

Visit the Smile-A-Mile website