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Sloss Furnaces

For decades, Sloss Furnaces served as a beacon of modernity and helped make the Magic City great. In recent years, it has become a lasting reminder of the amount of sweat, blood, and tears it took to make that dream a reality. When the City of Birmingham came to us asking for a website to match the importance of Sloss Furnaces to the people of the city, we built a newly minted site that fits that mold.

Because of the relatively new renovations that have taken place at Sloss Furnaces and the fact that the site is an easily recognizable landmark, we integrated unique Sloss elements into the City’s existing layout. That way, their individual website would allow for some unique features, such as the furnace pictures, to speak for themselves while remaining appropriately branded to the City of Birmingham. The site illustrates, in a clear and clean way, all of the services that Sloss Furnaces now offers to the community, from metallurgical classes to beautiful venue spaces.

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