The Work

Quality Beverage Packing

For more than twenty years, Quality Beverage Packing has been making drink concentrates, syrups, and sweeteners for national partners and their respective brands. Based in the southeastern United States and a leader in the beverage manufacturing industry, they needed an updated virtual presence that could represent them to clients and prospective partners alike. Quality Beverage turned to Kinetic to help, and we were excited to brew something up for them.

Since their clients are mostly industry insiders, the content, specifically the vocabulary, was a collaborative effort between our team and theirs. In addition, they prefer over-the-phone sales rather than e-commerce, so we needed to organize all of their offerings on the site while featuring their contact information prominently. The result is a clean, informative and easy-to-navigate website containing all the information that their prospective clients need to choose Quality Beverage Packing as their beverage manufacturer.

Visit the Quality Beverage Packing website