The Work

Pinson Valley Heat Treating

Pinson Valley Heat Treating supplies heat treating services around the Southeast and the nation to industrial and large scale manufacturers. They are the only facility in the area and one of the only facilities in the nation that is equipped with a large enough furnace to fit some of the biggest parts around. When it came to their website, though, they needed someone to help them turn up the heat.

Kinetic stepped in and re-organized their menu to help heat treating customers navigate the website. Because the industry is still fairly reliant on phone conversations, we made sure to put their phone number front and center. We made it responsive and used their dictionary throughout the site to help customers understand what they’re all about.

In the newly responsive site, you will notice various lists of specifications and high quality pictures to help engage potential clients, as well as different ways to engage an increasingly tech-savvy clientele.

Visit the Pinson Valley Heat Treating website