The Work

Case Study: Nequette

Louis Nequette has been designing mixed-use and community structures for over two decades, producing a rather large portfolio of work and a reputation for excellence. When he and the team at Nequette Architecture & Design decided to turn their studio into a fully-functioning firm, allowing them to focus on the particular niche they had built for themselves, they looked to Kinetic to help design their website.


With the key aspects of the site being displaying the portfolio and capturing the look and feel of the firm, we set to work. We drew up blueprints that focused on clean and timeless design, while allowing the portfolio to stand on its own. The resulting site is entirely responsive, gracefully adapting to different screen sizes while maintaining the key design elements. As with so many sites, one of the most important aspects of this project is a positive first impression, and we hope that the introductory video accomplishes just that — immediately immersing the user in the livable structures that the Nequette team has designed. Aided by the earthy color palette and the warmth of the textured backgrounds, the user can’t help but feel at home in the communities Nequette strives to create.

Visit the Nequette website