The Work

Magic City Art Connection

The Magic City Art Connection’s mission is to connect the people of Birmingham with art, culture, music, dancing, food, and more. They made it Kinetic’s mission to highlight this event via the web with a fun, cultured, and informative website redesign.

We were excited to oblige. We set up our web-easels and canvas, and got to creating. The site incorporates the urban tone of Birmingham with pops of color. The site allows users to learn more about the event through finding exhibited artists, searching art by medium, learning how to participate, and much more. We built an outlet for social media, an opt-in newsletter system, and more. We are happy to be a part of spreading art to the Birmingham area.

After learning that more than 35% of traffic to the site on festival weekend was from mobile users, the folks at Magic City Art Connection decided to let us use responsive design (technically “adaptive” for fastidious web folks) to transform their website canvas for phones and tablets. After going live with the new responsive designs, mobile users during the festival weekend jumped to more 55% of traffic, and bounce rates among mobile users decreased by more than 25% over the previous year.

View the Magic City Art Connection’s website