The Work

Case Study: James McElroy & Diehl

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, the attorneys at James McElroy and Diehl have tremendous energy and innovative legal strategies. The firm has a unique culture that needed to shine through to their website. With Kinetic’s redesign, all it takes is a quick glance to see JMD’s site is not just any ol’ lawyer website. The bright colors and fun custom graphics express their lack of formal internal structure, relaxed atmosphere, and team perspective.


Kinetic helped JMD bring their online identity to life while still expressing the hard work and dedication of each of the firms’ lawyers in the many practice areas they cover. Since they do work in a lot of areas, the mega footer helps the user see all of practice areas and attorneys quickly, but also shows more detail in one click. The clean menu structure and responsive design help all current and future clients use the website with ease.

Visit the James McElroy & Diehl website