The Work

Hey, It’s Personal

“Hey, It’s Personal” is an organization founded by cancer survivors with a mission to provide the latest in treatment information, and sometimes financial support, to fellow cancer patients and their families. Working with five of the premier cancer research centers in the country, the HIP website serves as a great channel to communicate the new breakthroughs, new treatment options, and new clinical trials that are underway.

The group came to Kinetic with an idea. It was based on the belief that everyone deserves the most up-to-date information possible as they go through the battle with cancer. We worked with them to not only develop a colorful, clean, and easy to use website but also develop the brand name and the overall marketing strategy for the organization. At Kinetic, we love what we do. And when we can create sites with a greater purpose like this one, it makes us love our jobs even more.

Visit the Hey, It’s Personal website