The Work

Gaines Gault Hendrix

The defense litigation attorneys at Gaines Gault Hendrix had a website before working with Kinetic — it just didn’t do a good job of communicating the firm’s brand. When the firm decided to update its image, we were happy to help.

Kinetic worked with Gaines Gault Hendrix advertising agency to develop an online identity that coordinated with a new logo and print materials. We worked hand in hand with Gaines Gault Hendrix attorneys to get the new site’s content perfect and with their IT department to coordinate internal hosting.

The new Gaines Gault Hendrix site boasts a bold color palette, intuitively cross-linked practice area and attorney profile pages, elegant print style sheets and iPhone bookmark icon. Most of all, it brands the firm as prepared, capable and tenacious defense litigation attorneys.

Visit the Gaines Gault Hendrix website