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Francis Bryant Construction

Francis Bryant Construction

Francis Bryant Construction is a custom building company with over fifty years of experience. When they approached us, they were trying to enhance their web presence. They had a website that showed some of their work, but it didn’t do them justice. So we put on our construction hats, collaborated, drew up a blueprint, and started building.

We changed the user experience entirely. “Less is more,” became the theme of the new site, at least as far as text goes. We ultimately let the imagery speak for itself. Initially, you’re greeted with a video that truly examines the quality of their projects from various angles and perspectives. In reorganizing their menu, we highlighted the exquisite craftsmanship in which they specialize by creating a page dedicated to that aspect of their work. Their logo mark is distinctive, and we used it throughout the site, notably in interstitial screens between galleries and subpages. From the home page to their portfolios, everything we designed and built was intended to immerse site visitors in Francis Bryant’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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