The Work


Though they are widely known as a global leader in coal production, Drummond Company has a diverse set of operating interests, from merchant coke to real estate. They needed a website that could unify the brand under one umbrella and portray its varying divisions through a focused brand position. Kinetic did just that, with a few cool enhancements added in. We created a custom interactive Google map to highlight its global presence. Because Drummond has a substantial presence in South America, we developed the site so users (and the administrators who add content) could easily switch between the English and Spanish language.

Drummond LTD, headquartered in Bogota, Columbia, needed a new web presence to match the overall brand look and feel, but wanted enough differentiation to stand alone and reach the needs to the South American market. Kinetic was happy to oblige, taking visual cues from the main Drummond Co website to create a unique look just for its South American division.

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