The Work

Copeland Franco

Copeland Franco, a Montgomery, Alabama based law firm, is both a trailblazer and the proud owner of a rich history. And while Copeland Franco is more than comfortable letting you squirm while you try to figure out how a law firm can simultaneously posess such seemingly incompatible characteristics, they knew their website couldn’t evoke the same cognitive dissonance. It needed to be a clear message of who they are. Kinetic was more than happy to help out.

The clean, airy design that we gave them works wonderfully to allow the capabilities and mission of the firm to stand on their own. Visitors to the site can easily navigate through the history of the firm to a current list of its attorneys, unimpeded by endless menus or banners. As graceful as its philosophy, the site reflects the professional, attentive attitude of the firm it represents.

Visit the Copeland Franco website