The Work

Charge Syndrome Foundation

The Charge Syndrome Foundation provides support to individuals and families dealing with this rare genetic condition, maintains and distributes information about the syndrome, and promotes awareness and research regarding its identification, cause, and management. When they were looking to revamp their website, they turned to their longtime web partner, Kinetic, to help make their website look a little more updated.

We collaborated with them to revamp their entire site layout so that the site would be easier to navigate. Once it was ready to code out, we made their site responsive so that users can access it anywhere from any device. Since CHARGE affects the hearing and vision of those who have the condition, we implemented some advanced accessibility tools to make it easier to navigate the site. Specifically, we integrated “Sitecues” to help the hearing-impaired and visually-impaired understand the content of the site’s pages. Try it out on their site!

Visit the Charge Syndrome Foundation website