The Work

Cafe Tequila & Kalahari Pepper Company

When the Kalahari Pepper Company approached Kinetic to help them build out their online eCommerce website for Cafe Tequila, their special line of hot sauces, we knew we could whip up something with a little bit of a kick.

In order to capture the fun, slightly devious culture cultivated by the Kalahari Pepper Company, we added unique touches to the site, like a moving logo in the header bar (mouse over it to see!) while building the website to be easily navigable and ensuring that the product was front and center. The eCommerce solution we implemented is effortless and quick, allowing more users to enjoy the heat.

Lastly, we wanted to allow Cafe Tequila to add recipes that best complement the sauce, so we chose to feature them in a prime spot for better user engagement.

Visit The Cafe Tequila website