The Work

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

For Blue Cross, some gaps add personality, but others can be risky. When Alabama’s largest health insurance provider needed a new site for its senior Medicare products, gaps were absolutely unacceptable. With a concrete deadline and regulatory approvals required before launch, Blue Cross turned to Kinetic.

For seniors, choosing the right Medicare plan is one of the most critical and confusing decisions. We made the new site senior friendly with adjustable font sizes, big buttons and clear breadcrumb navigation, all delivered in plenty of time for review and approval by Medicare regulators.

On another project, we teamed with Blue Cross on an interactive kiosk to gather video testimonials from BCBS members with a story to share. We specified the hardware, wrote a custom touch-screen application and edited video instructions to make the process seamless and easy. Blue Cross placed our kiosk in Alabama’s busiest mall where it continues to work like a champ. Lastly, we’ve recently worked with Blue Cross to redesign a proprietary intranet system that assists physician offices and staff with the insurance claims process and more.

Visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama Medicare website
View some examples of our interactive work in our demo video