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Birmingham International Airport

Birmingham International Airport

Birmingham International Airport is the largest airport in the state of Alabama, serving over 3 million passengers a year. Recently, the airport has undergone major renovations, making improvements from streamlining the screening process to commissioning local and regional artists to add a personal touch to the terminals. To coincide with the renovations, the airport reached out to its ongoing partner, Kinetic, to help its website soar.

Because of our long-standing relationship with the airport, we knew their business and were able to collaborate with them on enhancements that would make the website even better. Not only did we make major design changes, we utilized an XML feed to make sure that the flight tracking matched the in-airport terminal displays and we made it responsive, so the user could access the new site from any device. We integrated a flight search and information service to allow travelers flying to and from Birmingham to plan their trips right from their devices.

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