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Alys Stephens Center

Music is vibration. Thus, when considering how best to announce their upcoming events, UAB’s Alys Stephens Center knew they couldn’t rely on a static site to convey the vibrancy of their live concerts. So, taking the famous reverberations of Morris Avenue as an omen, they were sure they had come to the right place when they ended up at Kinetic.

Knowing not to get in the way of a good thing, the Kinetic team put the artists and their music front and center. We have been web geeks for a while and while Flash is not the newest kid on the block anymore, in 2010, it was still a viable way to present information creatively. Kinetic designed a series of E-cards with the power to take the viewer to Motown, Tibet, Broadway and, ultimately, right back home to the Alys Stephens Center. Though we may not be able to sing and we don’t have perfect pitch, we were thrilled to help draw a broader audience to some of the world’s greatest musicians.

View the 2010-2011 New Season Announcement E-card
View the Starlight Gala E-card featuring Smokey Robinson
View the Live on the Plaza Series E-card

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