The Work

Alabama Splash Adventure

Alabama Splash Adventure has been through several different names, but it has always been a fixture of Birmingham life and fun. With the park gearing up for their 2017 season, they wanted a responsive site that would help visitors learn about the park while offering them an alternative method to purchase tickets. Kinetic, long a fan of the roller coasters out at the adventure park, was glad to be of assistance.

In their new website, Kinetic collaborated with Alabama Splash Adventure to streamline all of the information available, while delivering a branded, cohesive experience to site visitors. Because it is an open air park, the schedule changes frequently. To make sure that visitors knew about the changing hours several days in advance, Kinetic built a scheduling admin area, where members of the Alabama Splash Adventure team can modify multiple days’ schedules at once. We also integrated several linkages to their 3rd party ticketing service, ensuring that interested users could easily purchase entry to the park.

Visit the Alabama Splash Adventure website