The Services

Mobile Website Development

Visitors are interacting with websites more and more frequently from mobile devices, including netbooks, iPhones and other smart phones, and even “dumb” phones with basic text browsers. As more visitors access your site on these devices, it becomes even more important to deliver a quality experience.

Kinetic builds responsive mobile websites that address the most common concerns of phones and other mobile devices. We use smaller layouts to fit on narrower screens. We strip out background images and make all images smaller for faster downloading. We create friendly navigational elements. We create mobile-friendly versions of forms and help ensure that e-commerce sites are phone friendly.


Kinetic can also churn out custom QR (Quick Read) codes that can be read by smart phones that have a QR code reader “app” installed. QR codes can house informative text, phone numbers, SMS numbers, or even website URLs. When a user’s camera scans the code, they are instantly prompted to visit your site, complete the phone call or learn more about your business. Want to see how powerful QR codes can be? We’ve placed a custom Kinetic-branded code on this page; try it out.

Looking for a mobile offering with more security or offline capability? Our mobile skills also extend to mobile application development, so tell us about how Kinetic can energize your project.