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Email Marketing

We’ve been managing e-mail marketing campaigns for over a decade and see no letdown anytime soon for this medium. Our clients still see a higher return on their e-mail newsletter efforts than other marketing initiatives online or off.

The challenge for anyone taking on or optimizing an e-mail marketing effort is perceived simplicity. It’s too tempting and easy to crank out a sub-par email campaign from your desktop with no list management, design integrity or analytics in place. We’ve helped dozens of clients in their e-mail marketing efforts. From overall strategy and send scheduling to email template design and testing, we help clients plan effectively from the beginning. When it’s time to send a campaign, we integrate content and send test messages for review, recommend smart subject lines and ensure e-mail analytics are in place. For clients committed to their e-mail marketing programs, we report on campaign progress and recommend tactics to further optimize efforts. We also offer A/B split testing for e-mail and advanced email analytics.

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