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Kinetic Parking Map

As you follow our directions to Morris Avenue and pull on to the cobblestone road, you will see parking lining the street (highlighted in blue). Generally, there is parking available on the street (you may pay with coins or the ParkMobile app). If you can’t find any street parking, peek under the bridge just past our red caboose. If you see a spot there, you can park under the bridge for free. Continuing down Morris, if you still don’t see a metered spot, you can turn right at 23rd Street and enter lot A-2. Once you’ve entered the lot, you can drive back toward Kinetic and park a little closer to our building. Note that parking in lot A-2 costs $1 per hour or $4 for the entire day (coins, bills, and credit cards are all accepted).

electric car charging station iconIf you have an electric vehicle, we have a reserved parking spot and charging station on the side of our building.
It is located on the right once you turn in just past our red caboose.