The Company

Kinetic Art

Providing aesthetic enjoyment and creative inspiration, art adorns nearly every surface of our workspace. The Kinetic collection varies extensively in media and style and is such a valuable asset that we catalog every piece in a single volume and are mounting archival-quality info cards adjacent to each piece.

Kinetic’s creative team constructed this sculpture, which now adorns Jay’s office wall. Fabricated from wooden blocks, stainless steel wire and computer parts (plus a few surprises) we found in our office. Each black cube supports a piece of “found art” that somehow reflects what we do here at Kinetic, and recalls the cube of our logo. The wire zings between the cubes, crisscrossing and linking the entire sculpture. This energetic display is a visual interpretation of the Internet – a kinetic representation, if you will. It also signifies how everything we do at Kinetic is interdependent – our energies combine for one great effect. It’s this connected power that we offer our clients.