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WordPress Programmer

Kinetic is looking for an experienced WordPress full stack developer to join our fast-paced team. Our dream draft pick would be passionate about working on a variety of custom responsive websites, from initial concepting to site launch. Custom coding experience in PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and GIT are all requisites. Flexibility, project estimation, and good communication skills are all essential for maintaining our team’s high level of collaboration and ability to meet deadlines at our project-based studio.

Throw in a fun attitude, experience with custom-built WordPress themes, Laravel (or other MVC frameworks), Vue or React, accessibility, mobile design, an excellent eye for UX, and a healthy love of trains and we’ll turn cartwheels down the cobblestones of historic Morris Avenue in our reenergized, vibrant downtown of Birmingham, Alabama.

The official next step, if you’re interested, is to fill out our not-so-short, but fun form, so we can continue the process.

Due to COVID-19, this position may be temporarily remote.

Top Ten Reasons To Work At Kinetic

  1. Free up-close look at our nation’s rail system.
  2. Gaming! Oculus VR virtual reality station, two-on-two doubles tennis grudge matches on the Nintendo Wii, and more. Check out the Kinetic Arcade for a sampling of some of our favorite games.
  3. Getting pwned (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) at foosball by a guy who names the players after his high school teammates.
  4. Fried turkey on Thanksgiving prepared fresh in the courtyard.
  5. House magazine subscriptions to Wired and Mental Floss.
  6. Quaint cobblestone street smack downtown with plenty of awkward photo sessions going on.
  7. Unlimited supply of lip-numbing Cajun roasted peanuts.
  8. Physically impossible to miss a Mac keynote address.
  9. No worries forgetting to feed the fish in the Mac-quarium.
  10. The LED beverage bar, sit-stand desks, a towering double-decker cube, mega-chess on the turf-covered roof, and even more.

But seriously, Kinetic is an amazing place to work. The boss is pretty cool, you’ll be surrounded by other genius people, it’s located in beautiful Birmingham, AL, and most importantly, you’ll have a blast.

Listen, we’re growing, and our need for talented, hard-working individuals like you (we assume you’re all that and more) increases every day. So if you feel you’ve got what it takes — whether it’s precision digital design, illustration or cutting-edge , or / capabilities — fill out our not-so-long online application, and we’ll see if you’re a match.

We look forward to hearing from you!