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Kinetic is a website design, development, and marketing firm that helps companies understand and apply the latest internet technologies. Our apprentices gain real project experience with real clients, usually following a design, programming or marketing track. We rely on them to do stellar work, perform quality assurance, and to meet internal deadlines. Like our full-time employees, Kinetic apprentices are expected to track the time they spend on projects and to conduct themselves professionally. Results gained are individual and vary by how much someone brings to and commits to the program. 

So, why work as an apprentice? There are pros and cons, so let’s start with the cons. 


  1. The apprenticeship is unpaid. We must be clear – full time, 3 months, unpaid! Probably not the news you wanted to hear. This is huge consideration for all applicants. We totally get it if unpaid is not for you. However, there are so many pros that can make spending 3 short months of your life, unpaid, here at Kinetic worthwhile. Let’s cover them! 


  1. Work and learn alongside a world class team. It’s like getting a “Master’s degree in the web” — without the tuition.
  2. Build on existing skills by working on real life client projects. 
  3. Learn how today’s business world works from modern systems to company culture. 
  4. Determine whether this career choice is the right one for you — or NOT. May not sound like it, but this may be the biggest pro of all! 
  5. Fulfill academic credit, if applicable. 
  6. Build your resume. 
  7. Build your references. We’ll do our best to connect you near and far — assuming we like each other. 
  8. Ability to try us out and show us what you’ve got. This is your shot to impress us. We certainly can’t and don’t hire all our apprentices, but it is a good trial period for you to be evaluated for potential future work opportunities. 
  9. Enjoy Kinetic team gatherings — we do have some fun together. 
  10. Work in one of “Birmingham’s Coolest Office Spaces.” 
  11. Enjoy the vibrancy of a revitalized and growing downtown Birmingham. We’re in the middle of it! 
  12. Free parking downtown. 
  13. Opportunity for tickets to arts and cultural events — as available to Kinetic. 
  14. Have fun! We’re a wacky bunch…come see. 

The bar is high around here and we’d love to see you soar right over it. The official next step, if you’re interested, is to fill out our not-so-long, but fun online application form at so we can continue the process. No one gets in the door around here without filling out that form 😊. We look forward to the possibilities!

Design Apprentice

About this Job

Kinetic Communications ( is looking for design apprentices with a passion for the Web. You will be working with and learning from Kinetic graphic designers that are lethal with modern UX/UI design tools and hold black belts in web usability and standards-compliant design. You will assist in adding visual appeal to websites, video, and interactive applications. You will work toward proficiency in modern HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and responsive design concepts. Design apprentices work hand-in-hand with Kinetic designers to develop their craft.

Job Requirements

  • Design apprentices are generally fine arts or graphic design majors with a keen interest in the Internet.
  • Kinetic graphic designers are proficient in HTML5 and CSS and are experienced with responsive design.  They are skilled users of modern UX/UI design tools and are experts in web usability and standards-compliant design.
  • Design apprentices should have some familiarity with some of the tools we use on a regular basis. These include:
    • Adobe Design Apps ( Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, etc. )
    • Sketch App, InVision Studio, or other prototyping apps
    • Font Foundries and distributors ( Typekit, Google Fonts, etc. )
    • Stock Image sites and sources ( Getty Images, iStock, unSplash, Pexels, etc. )

Programming Apprentice

About this Job

Kinetic Communications ( is looking for programming apprentices aspiring to learn multiple web-based programming languages. You will be working with and learning from Kinetic programmers that are fluent coders and database gurus. These creative problem solvers use all the tools at their disposal to implement custom web-based solutions. They are efficient and selflessly document every genius line of code for future maintenance. Programming apprentices at Kinetic get knee-deep in coding and are actively involved at every step of the development life cycle.

Current programming languages we use include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, C#/.NET and Javascript. We work within various frameworks built on top of these languages like Laravel (PHP), ASP.NET MVC (C#), jQuery and VueJS (Javascript). We also work with WordPress and do work in other languages such as Python.

Job Requirements

  • Programming apprentices are generally students of multiple web-based programming languages.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and basic JavaScript are minimum requirements.
  • Bonus skills include having an eye for aesthetics, familiarity with version control, and writing clean code.

Marketing Apprentice

About this Job

Kinetic Communications is looking for marketing apprentices interested in learning more about marketing businesses and the ever-changing world of online marketing. Our marketing apprentices work with a wide array of tools, including search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, social media marketing, and more. Ideally, marketing apprentices should be familiar with programs like Google Analytics and content management systems like WordPress.

Interested in the Kinetic apprenticeship program?

Visit fill out our career opportunities form ( That’ll give us a better idea of who you are and what apprentice track would be the best fit for you. If it looks like we would be a good match for each other, we’ll be back in touch to work out the details. In the end, you could gain valuable experience and we could gain a great new team member. So be bold and go for it! Everybody has to start somewhere. Take that first step.