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From our building to our backgrounds, we love our brand.

Press/Media Contact:
While we are just a sleepy little shop, we have been flattered by the attention our work and our building has gotten us — so if you ever need to know more about our industry, Birmingham or even what it is like working in a caboose, just let us know.

Phone: (205) 324-5858
Fax: (205) 324-7620

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kinetic logo on glass window with conference room in the background

The Kinetic Logo

Check out our usage guidelines (PDF format) and download a high-res file. We know we have some crazy guidelines for our logo so here are some quick rules to note:

  1. Our logo is a bit claustrophobic – give it some breathing room. Leave plenty of space between Kinetic’s logo and any other elements. Ideally, we’d love our logo to have clear space equal to half the height of the logotype (the word “kinetic”).
  2. If at all possible use the full color logo or the full color logo reversed (see examples), but solid black or solid white may be used due to production limitations only.
  3. Please do not use the brandmark (just the cube) separate from the logotype. We reserved this for our own use only. 🙂

Download Full Media Kit

Horizontal kinetic logo on a white background
horizontal Kinetic logo on a navy background
vertical Kinetic logo on a white background
vertical kinetic logo on a navy background

Office Space Photos

We often have requests for photos of our eclectic space. We can share some or all of these files with you upon request.

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Kinetic Desktop Backgrounds

When it comes to our desktops, whether clean or cluttered, we certainly like to bring some fun to our electronic environment. We chose to share some of our favorite wallpapers that are both made and used by our team. Feel free to snag any of the wallpapers, conveniently available in several resolutions, to add some local, creative fun to your digital atmosphere or just to give some kCube & caboose love. Either way, we hope you enjoy ’em.

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Phone: (205) 324-5858

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